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Inspired by the arcade best seller Tetris® and created by a team of NHTV students, Möbler gives the well-known old Tetris® formula a big twist, creating a dynamic platform like experience with an incredible amount of gameplay for everyone to enjoy.

Project Details

EngineUnreal Engine 4
Development Time8 weeks
Team Size9 people
My RoleProgrammer
TechnologiesC++, Unreal Blueprints, PHP, JSON
Target PlatformsWindows
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
Xbox One


  • Shape System.
  • Sequence Selection System.
  • Easy to use Level Editor for Sequences used by Designers.
  • Constant testing through CI/CD using GitLab CI.
  • Continued Development in free time after project.
  • Releasing on Steam and Consoles after project.

My contributions

Sequence Selection System

One of the systems I've worked on in this project is the Sequence Selection System. This is a system in the game that will select which sequence of shapes will be dropped next. The system procedurally generates the order in which the sequences are dropped, making sure sequences aren't instantly repeated and taking the difficulty of those sequences into account, increasingly making it more difficult for the player.


I've also worked on the individual shapes that fall from the sky. Those shapes are defined in a JSON config file that can be modified by a designer. The config file includes which 3D models are used for the visual part of the shape. Multiple 3D models can be defined per shape, adding variation to the game. When no 3D models are available, the system will automatically generate placeholder cubes to allow designers to experiment and play-test with new shapes.

Level Editor

The sequences of shapes that drop while you play are stored in a JSON config. The sequences in the config file can be modified using the Level Editor I created in a separate Unreal Engine project. It takes advantage of Unreal Widgets in the editor itself for actions that need to be performed.

Steam and Nintendo Switch

I've been partly responsible for releasing the game on Steam. This was done with no prior experience releasing on this platform. Additionally, I am currently working on releasing the game on Nintendo Switch.

Steam and Nintendo Switch